In-house lawyers—conducting a selection interview
In-house lawyers—conducting a selection interview

The following In-House Advisor guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • In-house lawyers—conducting a selection interview
  • The structure of the interview
  • Questions to avoid
  • Behavioural interview questions
  • Why do we make poor recruitment decisions?
  • When stereotyping becomes discrimination

The person who performs best at interview is not necessarily the best person for the job. Some excellent lawyers really struggle to put themselves across well at interview whereas others who may be less skilled put themselves across with polish and panache. This Practice Note covers:

  1. the structure of the interview

  2. questions to avoid

  3. behavioural interviewing

  4. why organisations may make poor recruitment decisions

  5. when stereotyping becomes discrimination

The structure of the interview

A robust selection interview should be well structured and consistent for all candidates.

Interview stage Suggested framework
Making the interviewee feel comfortable If a candidate is on edge or overly nervous, you will struggle to get them to open up and be themselves. You need to put them at their ease before leading into the main interview, eg:
—offer them a drink
—give them a few moments to get their bearings and collect their thoughts
—begin gently with a few bits of small talk about the weather, or hobbies they may have mentioned on their CV
The overview Ask them to give you a summary of their career to date—this gives you the opportunity to tune in to