Illumina/GRAIL (M.10188)

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Illumina/GRAIL (M.10188)


NOTE—appeal lodged before the General Court in Case T- 227/21

See further, timeline.

Case facts

OutlineEuropean Commission merger investigation into the proposed acquisition by GRAIL. Inc. of Illumina, Inc. (M.10188). The proposed transaction involves a vertical overlap in the market for the development and supply of next generation sequencing (NGS) based cancer detection tests.

Latest developmentsOn 11 August 2021, the Commission suspended the phase II investigation deadline under Article 11(3).

Parties• Illumina, Inc. (Illumina): Illumina is a global genomics company that is incorporated and headquartered in the US, which principally develops, manufactures and commercialises next generation sequencing (NGS) systems for genetic and genomic analysis.

• GRAIL, Inc. (GRAIL): GRAIL is a healthcare company that is incorporated and headquartered in the US, which is focused on developing technologies for early cancer detection. GRAIL's flagship product is Galleri’, an early multi-cancer detection test, whose purpose is to detect around 50 cancers in asymptomatic patients from a blood sample.  In April 2021, GRAIL initiated a limited commercialisation of Galleri in the US. GRAIL has two additional pipeline products: (i) a diagnostic aid for cancer testing used to confirm a diagnosis of cancer in symptomatic patients, and (ii) a minimal residual disease test, to detect potential relapse in patients after cancer treatments. GRAIL was founded by Illumina in 2016, and was spun off later

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