IHT400 completion tips
IHT400 completion tips

The following Wills & Probate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • IHT400 completion tips
  • IHT400
  • When to deliver the reduced IHT400
  • Corrective account
  • What assets to include on IHT400
  • Asset valuation
  • Steps to complete IHT400
  • IHT401 and domicile
  • IHT402 and the transferable NRB
  • IHT403 and gifts
  • more

If the estate is not an excepted estate, the following should be completed:

  1. form IHT400

  2. supplementary schedules IHT401–IHT420, IHT435 and IHT436 where appropriate

  3. probate summary IHT421

When completing IHT400, it is advisable to refer to the IHT400 Notes.

All the necessary forms are found on Lexis®PSL and additional guidance on completing the IHT400 is provided by HMRC: Guide to completing your inheritance tax account.


Complete IHT400, provide supporting information on schedules IHT401–IHT420 and schedules IHT435–IHT436 and complete the probate summary IHT421.

When to deliver the reduced IHT400

Deliver a reduced IHT400 where:

  1. the estate is not an ‘excepted estate’

  2. the deceased died domiciled in the UK

  3. there are assets passing under the Will/intestacy to a UK-domiciled spouse/civil partner (the survivor) or a UK charity/similar body listed in Schedule 3 of Inheritance Tax Act 1984 (IHTA 1984) and

  4. the gross value of the remaining assets plus chargeable gifts made in the seven years before death does not exceed the IHT nil rate band (NRB) threshold at the date of their death (which may include the unused NRB from a predeceased spouse or civil partner) or

  5. the death in service exemption applies

Where a reduced account is appropriate, only certain parts of the IHT400 need to be completed:

  1. boxes 1–28

  2. boxes 29–48 plus the following supporting schedules only (if appropriate):

    1. IHT402

    2. IHT403

    3. IHT404