ICMA—latest news on documentation
ICMA—latest news on documentation

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This Practice Note contains a summary of new and updated documents published by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA). It is updated and reviewed regularly and covers documents published since January 2017. Information in this Practice Note is also included in relevant Practice Notes in Banking & Finance.

All of the ICMA updates referred to in this Practice Note were originally published on the ICMA website (subscription required for full access). Commentary and related documents are provided by Lexis®PSL Banking & Finance.


Date of update/announcement from ICMAICMA news
30 April 2021ICMA invites participants to take part in 41st European repo market survey
ICMA has invited all European repo market participants to submit data on their repo business outstanding at close of business on 9 June 2021, in relation to ICMA’s 41st survey of the European repo market.
22 April 2021ICMA ERCC issues consultation paper on role of repo in sustainable finance
The European Repo and Collateral Council (ERCC) of ICMA has published a consultation paper discussing the role of repo in green and sustainable finance. The paper considers the different possible intersections between the repo and collateral market and sustainable finance. According to the ICMA, the aim of the paper is to serve as the foundation for promoting related discussions in the repo community and to explore supporting the development of sustainable finance.

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