ICC With Quantities Version 2014
Produced in partnership with Keystone Law
ICC With Quantities Version 2014

The following Construction guidance note Produced in partnership with Keystone Law provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • ICC With Quantities Version 2014
  • Scheme of the contract in outline
  • The Engineer
  • Completion and correction of defects
  • Variations
  • Claims
  • Valuation and payment
  • Final account and final payment
  • Disputes
  • Default and termination

The Infrastructure Conditions of Contract (ICC) were formerly known as the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) conditions of contract first published in 1945 by the ICE.

In November 2014, a new edition of the ICC was launched, known as the ‘with quantities’ version (‘ICC with Quants’). This had followed a major review of the form and consultation process driven by a desire to update a contract which had not been significantly updated for over 50 years. The new form has been completely re-written and features a radical new approach to the drafting of these conditions. It is shorter and more succinct than the previous ICE/ICC contracts, and introduces several significant changes.

Its most important feature is that it provides for lump sum pricing to be the default valuation mechanism while re-measurement is retained as an alternative option.

Although this form is referred to as the ‘With Quantities’ version, it is intended to be the contract of choice for most civil engineering works. The pre-2014 forms of the ICC (see Practice Note: ICC Measurement Version 2011) are still in use and continue to be available, although it is intended that after a period these will be replaced by the more modern form.

Scheme of the contract in outline

The conditions are accompanied by Works Data (which includes contractor’s proposals and employers requirements), a