Hydrocortisone tablets (50277)
Hydrocortisone tablets (50277)

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Case facts

OutlineCMA Article 101 TFEU/Chapter I and Article 102 TFEU/Chapter II investigation into alleged anti-competitive agreements and abuses of dominance incentivising delayed entry into the market and excessive and unfair prices for hydrocortisone tablets.

Latest developmentsOn 12 February 2020, the CMA issued a supplementary statement of objections to amalgamate the three investigations into one.

Parties• Actavis UK (Actatvis): Actavis UK is a pharmaceutical company, ultimately owned by Allergan plc, a US-based global pharmaceutical group. Actavis UK has now been rebranded as Accord Healthcare. Actavis UK includes the following companies:

• from June 2008 to 31 October 2012–Auden Mckenzie (Pharma Division) Limited

• from 1 November 2012 to 28 May 2015–Auden Mckenzie (Pharma Division) Limited and Auden Mckenzie Holdings Limited

• from 29 May 2015 to 24 June 2016–Auden Mckenzie (Pharma Division) Limited, Auden Mckenzie Holdings Limited, Actavis UK Limited and Allergan plc.

• Accord Healthcare (Accord) and Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited (Infas):

Accord acquired Actavis UK in January 2017. Accord is a UK based generic pharmaceutical company. Accord is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intas.

Intas is an Indian-based pharmaceutical company.

• Concordia:

Concordia is a US-headquartered pharmaceutical group. During the time of the alleged wrong-doing, Concordia included:

• Amdipharm Limited

• Concordia International Rx (UK) Limited (Concordia Rx) (formerly known as Amdipharm Mercury Company Limited)

• Concordia

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