GPhC—Fitness to Practise Committee
Produced in partnership with Blake Morgan LLP
GPhC—Fitness to Practise Committee

The following Corporate Crime guidance note Produced in partnership with Blake Morgan LLP provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • GPhC—Fitness to Practise Committee
  • Procedure at hearings
  • Service of documents
  • Case management meetings
  • Notice of hearing and costs
  • Decisions of the Committee
  • Decisions on sanction
  • Interim Orders
  • Appealing the Committee's decision

Procedure at hearings

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Fitness to Practise Committee (FtPC) hears cases where a registrant's fitness to practise is alleged to be impaired. The Committee is required to consider all cases referred to it. Where an allegation or matter is referred to the FtPC, the FtPC must determine whether or not the fitness to practise of the person in respect of whom the allegation is made is impaired.

The procedure for hearings before the Committee is set out in Part 6 of the General Pharmaceutical Council (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification etc Rules) Order of Council 2010, SI 2010/1615. The GPhC has also published guidance on how fitness to practice hearings work, how decisions are taken and the sanctions which can be imposed. This guidance is entitled Good decision making: fitness to practise hearings and sanctions guidance. The FtPC must hold hearings in public. Any hearings relating to a health allegation, or an interim order hearing, must be held in private, unless the FtPC is satisfied that the public interest in holding a public hearing outweighs the interest of the registrant concerned or the third party in maintaining their privacy.

The FtPC may receive any evidence (including oral evidence) subject only to the requirements of relevance and fairness. The FtPC may take a breach of the standards of