Good practice in personal development and appraisals
Produced in partnership with Beth Pipe
Good practice in personal development and appraisals

The following Practice Management practice note Produced in partnership with Beth Pipe provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Good practice in personal development and appraisals
  • Why are appraisals important?
  • SRA competence statement
  • Linking your appraisal to the firm's strategy
  • What type of appraisal system should you use?
  • What should the appraisal cover?
  • 360-degree appraisals
  • The role of line managers
  • Interim reviews
  • Who is responsible for the appraisal process?
  • More...

The essence of any performance management process is the relationship between employee and manager. Both should know what needs to be done to meet their own goals and contribute to those of the organisation as a whole.

This Practice Note discusses preparing and implementing a successful personal development and appraisal process.

Why are appraisals important?

An effective performance management process focuses on:

  1. aligning your workforce with the strategic aims of the business

  2. improving employee performance

  3. supporting employee development and retention

  4. driving better business results

  5. recognising and celebrating good performance

Good performance management helps everyone to understand:

  1. what the firm is trying to achieve

  2. their role in helping the firm achieve its goals

  3. the skills and competencies that they need to fulfil their role

  4. the standards of performance required

  5. how they can develop their performance and contribute to the development of the firm

  6. how they are doing

  7. when there are performance problems

SRA competence statement

The SRA competence statement for solicitors is made up of three documents:

  1. statement of solicitor competence

  2. threshold standard

  3. statement of legal knowledge

The statement of solicitor competence sets out the continuing competencies the SRA requires from all solicitors—these are mandatory and are integral to meeting the requirement to provide a proper standard of service to clients. You may want to include key competencies from the SRA’s competence statement into the core skills section of your solicitors appraisal

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