Glossary of Scottish private client words and expressions

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  • Glossary of Scottish private client words and expressions
  • Action of specific implement
  • Advance notice
  • Affidavit
  • Alimentary
  • Alimentary liferent
  • Bond of caution
  • Books of Council and Session
  • Cadastral map
  • Caution
  • More...

Glossary of Scottish private client words and expressions

This is a glossary of common words and expressions used in Scottish private client law with the nearest England and Wales equivalent (where relevant) and links to useful websites.

Action of specific implement

MeaningNearest English equivalent
An action which requires the court to grant an order requiring a party to perform a specific act. In Scotland, there is no distinction between equitable and legal remedies as there is in England and Wales.Specific performance (an equitable remedy available for breach of contract that may be granted in addition to or instead of damages)

Advance notice

MeaningNearest English equivalent
A notice (registered in the relevant property register) to protect the grantee of a deed intended to be registered in the Land Register of Scotland. The 35-day protected period starts on the day after the advance notice is registered. The grantee is protected against the granter being inhibited during the protected period and the protected deed is given priority over competing deeds registered in the protected period (except for statutory notices of potential liability for costs).Priority search


MeaningNearest English equivalent
A written statement by an individual sworn to be true under oath.Statutory declaration


MeaningNearest English equivalent
Not available to meet the claims

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