Getting the Deal Through: Joint Ventures 2021
Getting the Deal Through: Joint Ventures 2021

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Getting the Deal Through: Joint Ventures 2021
  • Jurisdictions covered
  • Questions

Jurisdictions covered

The following jurisdictions are covered in this report:

Argentina; China; India; Japan; Netherlands; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; South Korea; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; USA


The set of questions relating to the topic of Joint Ventures and answered by the guide for each jurisdiction covered include:

  1. What are the key types of joint venture in your jurisdiction? Is the ‘joint venture’ recognised as a distinct legal concept?

  2. In what sectors are joint ventures most commonly used in your jurisdiction?

  3. Are there rules that relate specifically to foreign joint venture parties?

  4. What requirements are there to disclose the ultimate beneficial ownership of a joint venture entity?

  5. Are there any particular drivers in your jurisdiction that will determine how a joint venture is structured?

  6. When establishing a joint venture, what tax considerations arise for the joint venture parties and the joint venture entity? How can tax charges be lawfully mitigated?

  7. Are there any restrictions on the contribution of assets to a joint venture entity?

  8. What is the interaction between the constitution of the joint venture entity and the agreement between

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