Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance—EU

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Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance—EU

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The set of questions relating to the topic of Insurance & Reinsurance EU include:

  1. what is the primary legislation governing the (re)insurance industry in the jurisdiction?

  2. which government bodies regulate the (re)insurance industry in the jurisdiction and what is the extent of their powers?

  3. are there any restrictions on ownership of or investment in (re)insurers in the jurisdiction, including any limits on foreign ownership/investment?

  4. what regulations, procedures and eligibility criteria govern the transfer of control of/acquisition of a stake in a (re)insurer?

  5. must (re)insurers adopt a certain legal structure in order to operate? If no mandatory company organisation applies, what are the common structures used?

  6. do any particular corporate governance requirements apply to (re)insurers, including any eligibility criteria for directors and officers?

  7. which (re)insurers must obtain authorisation from the regulator before operating on the market and what is the procedure for doing so?

  8. what are the minimum capital and solvency requirements for (re)insurers operating in the jurisdiction?

  9. do any other financial requirements apply?

  10. are personnel of (re)insurers subject to any professional qualification requirements?

  11. what rules and

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