Getting the Deal Through: Healthcare M&A 2020
Getting the Deal Through: Healthcare M&A 2020

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Getting the Deal Through: Healthcare M&A 2020
  • Jurisdictions covered
  • Questions

Jurisdictions covered

The following jurisdictions are covered in this report:

Argentina; Brazil; Egypt; Germany; Japan; Mexico; Singapore; Spain; Switzerland; United Kingdom; USA; Vietnam


The set of questions relating to the topic of Healthcare M&A and answered by the guide for each jurisdiction covered include:

  1. What is the typical structure of a healthcare-related business combination in your jurisdiction?

  2. How long do healthcare business combinations usually take, and what factors tend to be most significant in determining the timing to completion?

  3. What are the typical representations and warranties made by a seller in healthcare business combinations? What areas would be covered in more detail compared with a more general business combination?

  4. Describe the legal due diligence required in healthcare business combinations. What specialists are typically involved? What searches would typically be carried out?

  5. If due diligence is not correctly undertaken, what specific healthcare risks might buyers inherit?

  6. How do buyers typically approach specific material diligence issues in health

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