Getting the Deal Through: Fund Management 2020
Getting the Deal Through: Fund Management 2020

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Getting the Deal Through: Fund Management 2020
  • Jurisdictions covered
  • Questions

Jurisdictions covered

The following jurisdictions are covered in this report:

Cayman Islands; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Ireland; Japan; Luxembourg; Portugal; South Africa; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; United Kingdom; USA


The set of questions relating to the topic of Fund Management and answered by the guide for each jurisdiction covered include:

  1. How is fund management regulated in your jurisdiction? Which authorities have primary responsibility for regulating funds, fund managers and those marketing funds?

  2. Is fund administration regulated in your jurisdiction?

  3. What is the authorisation or licensing process for funds? What are the key requirements that apply to managers and operators of investment funds in your jurisdiction?

  4. What is the territorial scope of fund regulation? Can an overseas manager perform management activities or provide services to clients in your jurisdiction without authorisation?

  5. Is the acquisition of a controlling or non-controlling stake in a fund manager in your jurisdiction subject to prior authorisation by the regulator?

  6. Are there any regulatory restrictions on the structuring of the fund manager’s compensation and profit-sharing arrangements?

  7. Does the marketing of investment funds in your jurisdiction require authorisation?

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