Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2021

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  • Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2021
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Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2021

Jurisdictions covered

The following jurisdictions are covered in this report:

Canada; Chile; China; Finland; France; Germany; Italy; Japan; Malaysia; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Russia; South Africa; South Korea; Ukraine; United Kingdom; USA


The set of questions relating to the topic of Franchise and answered by the guide for each jurisdiction covered include:

  1. What forms of business entities are relevant to the typical franchisor?

  2. What laws and agencies govern the formation of business entities?

  3. Provide an overview of the requirements for forming and maintaining a business entity.

  4. What restrictions apply to foreign business entities and foreign investment?

  5. Briefly describe the aspects of the tax system relevant to franchisors. How are foreign businesses and individuals taxed?

  6. Are there any relevant labour and employment considerations for typical franchisors?

  7. How are trademarks and know-how protected?

  8. What are the relevant aspects of the real estate market and real estate law?

  9. How widespread is franchising in your jurisdiction? In which sectors is franchising common?

  10. What is the legal definition of a franchise?

  11. Which laws and government agencies regulate the offer and sale of franchises?

  12. Describe the relevant requirements of these laws and agencies.

  13. What are the exemptions and exclusions from any franchise laws and regulations?

  14. Does any law or regulation create a requirement that must be met before a franchisor may offer franchises?

  15. Are there any laws,

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