Getting the Deal Through: Anti-Money Laundering 2021

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  • Getting the Deal Through: Anti-Money Laundering 2021
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Getting the Deal Through: Anti-Money Laundering 2021

Jurisdictions covered

The following jurisdictions are covered in this report:

Australia; Brazil; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Italy; Japan; Singapore; South Korea; Switzerland; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; USA


The set of questions relating to the topic of Anti-Money Laundering and answered by the guide for each jurisdiction covered include:

  1. Identify your jurisdiction’s money laundering and anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations. Describe the main elements of these laws.

  2. Describe any specific powers to identify proceeds of crime or to require an explanation as to the source of funds.

  3. Which government entities enforce your jurisdiction’s money laundering laws?

  4. Can both natural and legal persons be prosecuted for money laundering?

  5. What constitutes money laundering?

  6. Is there any limitation on the types of assets or transactions that can form the basis of a money laundering offence?

  7. Generally, what constitute predicate offences?

  8. Are there any codified or common law defences to charges of money laundering?

  9. What is the range of outcomes in criminal money laundering cases?

  10. Describe any related asset freezing, forfeiture, disgorgement and victim compensation laws.

  11. What are the limitation periods governing money laundering prosecutions?

  12. Do the money laundering laws applicable in your jurisdiction have extraterritorial reach?

  13. Which government entities enforce the

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