General Court State aid appeals—closed cases tracker
General Court State aid appeals—closed cases tracker

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  • General Court State aid appeals—closed cases tracker
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The below tracks completed General Court appeal cases involving State aid (Articles 107 to 109 TFEU) since 1 June 2015.

For ongoing General Court appeal cases, see General Court State aid appeals—ongoing cases tracker. For details of ongoing appeal cases before the Court of Justice involving State aid, see Court of Justice State aid appeals—ongoing cases tracker


Case Issues Developments
Case T- 6/19 Irish Wind Farmers' Association and Others v Commission

Appeal of the Commission’s letter regarding State aid Case SA.44671—Alleged illegal State aid granted to the fossil fuel sector in the form of reduced property tax rates

See Application

• Order made—31/01/2020; appeal dismissed as inadmissible
• Lodged—04/01/2019

Case T- 168/17 CBA Spielapparate-und Restaurantbetriebs GmbH v Commission (access to documents)

Appeal of the Commission Decision C (2017) 249 final of 13 January 2017, by which the Commission rejected the applicant’s request for access to documents in relation to SA.40224

See Application

• Judgment given–31/01/2020; action dismissed in its entirety
• Order made—18/05/2018; permission to intervene granted
• Lodged—16/03/2017

Case T- 257/18 Iberpotash