Gazprom (AT.39816) [Archived]
Gazprom (AT.39816) [Archived]

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ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 24 May 2018; it is no longer maintained.

NOTE—appeal lodged before the General Court in Case T- 616/18

See further, timeline, commentary and related/relevant cases.

Case facts

OutlineEuropean Commission Article 102 TFEU investigation into Gazprom concerning upstream gas supplies in Central and Eastern Europe (case number AT.39816).

Latest developmentOn 24 May 2018, the Commission accepted commitments under Article 9 from Gazprom.

There are four broad obligations on Gazprom under the commitments accepted:
• no more contractual barriers to the free-flow of gas–Gazprom will remove any obligations placed on customers to re-sell gas cross-border
• obligation to facilitate gas flows to and from isolated markets–Gazprom will enable gas flows to and from parts of Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) that are still isolated from other Member States due to the lack of interconnectors
• structured process to ensure competitive gas prices–relevant Gazprom customers will be given an effective tool to ensure that their gas price reflects the price level in competitive Western European gas markets, especially at liquid gas hubs
• no leveraging of dominance in gas supply–Gazprom will not act on advantages concerning gas infrastructure, which it may have obtained from customers by having leveraged its market position in gas supply.

The Commission

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