Freedom of information case tracker [Archived]
Freedom of information case tracker [Archived]

The following Public Law practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Freedom of information case tracker [Archived]
  • FIA 2000, ss 1 and 3(2)—Information held by a public authority
  • FIA 2000, s 8—Requirements for a valid freedom of information request
  • FIA 2000, ss 9 and 12—Fees and cost of compliance
  • FIA 2000, s 10—Time frame for compliance
  • FIA 2000, s 11—Means of communicating information
  • FIA 2000, s 14—Vexatious and repeated requests
  • FIA 2000, s 21—Information accessible to applicant by other means
  • FIA 2000, s 22—Information intended for future publication
  • FIA 2000, s 24—National security
  • More...

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived is not maintained.

This Practice Note collates and summarises notable archived decisions and case law rulings relating to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FIA 2000).

For the latest case law developments see: Freedom of information case tracker.

The tables under each heading below highlight key decisions of the following:

  1. Court of Appeal

  2. Upper Tribunal (UT)

  3. First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) (FTT)

  4. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

For ease of reference, the tracker is divided into sections by reference to the key provisions and matters addressed under the FIA 2000, including:

  1. information held by a public authority

  2. requirements for a valid freedom of information request

  3. fees and cost of compliance

  4. time frame for compliance

  5. means of communicating information

  6. vexatious and repeated requests

  7. information accessible to applicant by other means

  8. information intended for future publication

  9. national security

  10. international relations

  11. investigations and proceedings

  12. law enforcement

  13. court records

  14. formulation of government policy

  15. effective conduct of public affairs

  16. communications with the Royal family and Honours

  17. health and safety

  18. personal information

  19. confidentiality

  20. legal professional privilege

  21. trade secrets and commercial prejudice

  22. specific prohibitions on disclosure

plus further miscellaneous and pervasive issues such as the duty to provide advice and assistance under FIA 2000, s 16.

Within each section, the cases are arranged in the first place by reference to the decision making body (in the order above), and

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