Fostering relationships with remote functional reports

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  • Fostering relationships with remote functional reports

Fostering relationships with remote functional reports

Senior lawyers reporting to business managers in other jurisdictions may not relish functional reporting, especially if they were in place before you assumed your role as head of the function. The priority is to establish a relationship which they recognise as providing support rather than being a charter for interference, but the business also needs to understand the responsibilities which you have.

This Practice Note provides practical guidance and tips for in-house lawyers on developing and improving relationships with their remote functional reports. It should be read in conjunction with Practice Note: Building relationships with business people to whom in-house team reports, which highlights the need to establish a good relationship with your functional report’s manager.

Your functional contribution
(listed as examples in the note referred to above)
SuggestionsContribution from your functional report
Encourage the recruitment and retention of in-house lawyers who are able to perform to a high standard—Develop job specifications and competency models for in-house lawyers at junior, senior and head of team levels, as well as support staff—Input into specifications and models
—Willingness to use them
Promote the development of in-house lawyers who are business-oriented and credible, not just in

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