Forum non conveniens—scope and application

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Forum non conveniens—scope and application
  • What is forum non conveniens?
  • When is forum non conveniens relevant?
  • Challenging jurisdiction—applying forum non conveniens
  • Evidential burden—jurisdictional challenge
  • Service out of the jurisdiction—applying forum conveniens
  • Evidential burden
  • Restraint of foreign proceedings by use of an anti-suit injunction—applying forum non conveniens
  • Vexatious or oppressive proceedings
  • Concurrent proceedings
  • More...

Brexit: The UK's departure from the EU has implications for practitioners considering which courts have jurisdiction. For guidance, see: Forum non conveniens and international jurisdictional regimes below. For general guidance, see Practice Note: Brexit post implementation period—considerations for dispute resolution practitioners including, in particular, main section: Jurisdiction.

For guidance on the status of judgments of the Court of Justice, see Q&A: Are UK courts and tribunals bound by decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union post-Brexit?

This Practice Note considers the doctrine of forum non conveniens, also referred to as the appropriate forum or the proper place for a dispute to be determined. This doctrine is of relevance when determining whether the courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction to hear a dispute and is applied by the courts when determining whether to grant permission to serve out of the jurisdiction or dealing with a dispute as to jurisdiction. The doctrine is also relevant in relation to applications for restraint of foreign proceedings. This Practice Note considers the application of the doctrine of forum non conveniens to these situations. In addition, it considers the use of negative declarations as to a court’s jurisdiction as well as appealing a decision on forum.

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  2. Forum non conveniens—requirement for justice


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