Fixed costs—land claims
Fixed costs—land claims

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Fixed costs—land claims
  • Types of claims
  • Determining the fixed costs
  • Fixed costs for the entry of a judgment in a claim
  • Advocates fees

Types of claims

These types of claims fall into three categories.

Category I

Claims for the recovery of land, including a possession claim under CPR 55 where one of the following apply:

  1. whether or not the claim includes a claim for a sum of money and the defendant gives up possession, pays the amount claims, if any, and the fixed costs stated in the claim form

  2. where one of the grounds for possession is arrears of rent for which the court gave a fixed date for the hearing when it issued the claim and judgment is given for the possession of land (whether or not the order for possession is suspended on terms) and the defendant:

    1. has neither delivered a defence, or counterclaim, nor otherwise denied liability, or

    2. has delivered a defence which is limited to specifying his proposals for the payment of rent arrears

Category 2

Possession claims under Section II of Part 55 (accelerated possession claims of land let on an assured shorthol