Financial services litigation guide—Greece [Archived]
Financial services litigation guide—Greece [Archived]

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  • Financial services litigation guide—Greece [Archived]
  • The questions raised in the guide

ARCHIVED: The financial services litigation guide for Greece is presented in a Q&A format. The questions are set below. The guide can be accessed here:

The questions raised in the guide

The guide answers the following questions:

1. What are the most common causes of action brought against banks and other financial services providers by their customers?

2. In claims for the mis-selling of financial products, what types of non-contractual duties have been recognised by the court? In particular is there scope to plead that duties owed by financial institutions to the relevant regulator in your jurisdiction are also owed directly by a financial institution to its customers?

3. In claims for untrue or misleading statements or omissions in prospectuses, listing particulars and periodic financial disclosures, is there a statutory liability regime?

4. Is there an implied duty of good faith in contracts concluded between financial institutions and their customers? What is the effect of this duty on financial services litigation?

5. In what circumstances will a financial inst

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