Film and TV glossary R–S
Film and TV glossary R–S

The following TMT practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Film and TV glossary R–S
  • RadioPro Ltd
  • Recapture or turnaround provision
  • Remake rights
  • Rental and lending rights
  • Revived copyright
  • Right of integrity
  • Right of paternity
  • Rights clearances
  • Rushes
  • More...

Film and TV glossary R–S

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RadioPro Ltd

RadioPro Ltd accepts music from independent artists through Those who play music in a public place may need a licence. Artists may upload their music to who will, on their behalf, offer it directly to commercial and creative users such as TV shows and series, movies, commercials and documentaries for a fee determined by the artist.

See Practice Note: Collecting societies.

Recapture or turnaround provision

‘Recapture’ specifies that a licence will expire and all rights automatically revert to the author/owner after a specified period if the producer has not by the end of that period carried out certain actions. ‘Turnaround’ gives the author/owner the right within a specified period to give notice to the producer requiring the producer to reassign certain rights in the project in return for the payment of certain sums of money.

See: Recapture and turnaround: Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents [663].

Remake rights

‘Remake rights’ means the exclusive right to make and authorise the making of a film based on the film or the screenplay or the work or the music and containing substantially the same story and leading characters as those contained in the

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