Film and TV glossary E–H
Film and TV glossary E–H

The following TMT guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Film and TV glossary E–H
  • Educational Recording Agency Ltd (ERA)
  • Eos (the Broadcasting Rights Agency)
  • Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) scheme
  • Fair dealing
  • False attribution
  • Film
  • Film cutters
  • Film library
  • Fixation
  • more

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Educational Recording Agency Ltd (ERA)

Educational Recording Agency Ltd operates a licensing scheme for the educational use of copyright material.

See website: Education Recording Agency Ltd and Practice Note: Collecting societies.

Eos (the Broadcasting Rights Agency)

Eos is a Broadcasting Rights Agency that serves the music industry in Wales.

See website: Eos (the Broadcasting Rights Agency) and Practice Note: Collecting societies.

Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) scheme

Where collective licensing takes place, relevant licensing bodies tend to represent the majority of rights holders in the sector.

An Extended Collective Licensing scheme is one where a relevant licensing body, subject to certain safeguards, is authorised to license specified copyright works on behalf of all rights holders in its sector (including non-members), and not just members who have given specific permission for it to act.

See Practice Note: Collecting societies.

Fair dealing

The Copyright, Designs and Paten