FIA—latest news on documentation

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  • FIA—latest news on documentation
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FIA—latest news on documentation

This Practice Note contains a summary of new and updated documents published by the Futures Industry Association (FIA). It is updated and reviewed regularly and covers documents published since January 2018. Information in this Practice Note is also included in relevant Practice Notes in Banking & Finance.

All of the FIA updates referred to in this Practice Note were originally published on the FIA website (subscription required for full access). Commentary and related documents are provided by Banking & Finance.

Certain terms are abbreviated throughout this Practice Note. For ease of reference, these are listed out below:

  1. ABA—American Bankers Association

  2. AFME—Association for Financial Markets in Europe

  3. AIMA—Alternative Investment Management Association

  4. Assosim—Association for Financial Market Intermediaries

  5. BCBS—Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

  6. BoE—Bank of England

  7. BPI—Bank Policy Institute

  8. CCP—central counterparty

  9. CDS—credit default swaps

  10. CFTC—Commodity Futures Trading Commission

  11. EBF—European Banking Federation

  12. EFET—European Federation of Energy Traders

  13. EMIR—European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EU) 648/2012

  14. EMTA—Emerging Markets Trading Association

  15. ESAs—European Supervisory Authorities

  16. ESMA—European Securities and Markets Authority

  17. ETDs—exchange-traded derivatives

  18. FCA—Financial Conduct Authority

  19. FCM—Future Commissions Merchant

  20. FIA—Futures Industry Association

  21. FRANDT—fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory and transparent

  22. FSB—Financial Stability Board

  23. FX—foreign exchange

  24. GFMA—Global Financial Markets Association

  25. IA—Investment Association

  26. ICE—Intercontinental Exchange

  27. ICMA—International Capital Markets Association

  28. IIF—Institute of International Finance

  29. IOSCO—International Organisation of Securities Commissions

  30. ISDA—International Swaps and Derivatives Association

  31. LCH—London Clearing House

  32. MiFID II—Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU

  33. MiFIR—Markets in Financial Instruments

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