Extradition appeals tracker—2017 decisions [Archived]
Extradition appeals tracker—2017 decisions [Archived]

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  • Extradition appeals tracker—2017 decisions [Archived]
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ARCHIVED: This archived Practice Note is being retained for historical interest and to provide practitioners with a quick overview of developments in case law during 2017.

This Practice Note tracked extradition appeal cases by month in 2017. Where you know the date of the judgment you are interested in, you can navigate to the relevant table using the list below. Alternatively, please search this Practice Note using [CTRL]+[F] for the case name, citation or a relevant search term.

Cases by month:

  1. December 2017

  2. November 2017

  3. October 2017

  4. September 2017

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December 2017

Case nameAbstract/SummarySearch terms
Fox v Public Prosecutor's Office of Frankfurt am Main [2017] EWHC 3396 (Admin), [2018] All ER (D) 10 (Jan)Extradition—Extradition order. The judge had been correct to find that there had been no reasonable grounds to believe that the competent authorities in Germany had not yet made the decision to charge and try the defendant in respect of two European arrest warrants (EAWs) relating to allegations of tax evasion. The Administrative Court held that the judicial authority issuing the warrants had been the Public Prosecutor in Germany, who was competent to make the decision to charge and try the defendant. The judge had been correct to order the defendant's extradition
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