Exploiting intellectual property rights
Exploiting intellectual property rights

The following IP guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Exploiting intellectual property rights
  • What are the key IP rights?
  • Conducting an audit and formulating strategy
  • Methods of exploitation
  • Documenting the transaction
  • Policing IP rights
  • Practical tips

IP rights are only valuable if they make money for the business. Even if they are used in the business, a proper exploitation programme may bring additional value.

This Practice Note sets out practical guidance for businesses on exploiting their IP rights. It includes information about how to conduct an audit of IP rights and formulate an exploitation strategy. It covers the various methods of exploitation available, including assignment, licensing, taking security over IP and alternative ownership structures. It sets out the key points to include in assignments, licences and security documents, and guidance on policing the IP rights so as to ensure that their value is maintained.

What are the key IP rights?

A business is likely to own a number of different IP rights, some of which may be registered and some of which may be unregistered or arise automatically.

The key IP rights that a business is likely to own are as follows:

IP right Summary Further information
Trade marks (registered) A trade mark is a sign used to distinguish the goods and services of one undertaking from those of another. A brand name, design, or logo that a business