Expert reports

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Expert reports
  • Preparation of expert report
  • Model form expert reports
  • Content of expert report
  • What if the expert report does not comply with the requirements of the CPR?
  • What if the expert's report does not comply with an order granting permission to adduce evidence?
  • Can the expert's report go beyond the pleadings?
  • Appeals
  • Statement on conflict of interest
  • Multiple expert reports
  • More...

Expert reports

This Practice Note provides guidance on the interpretation and application of the relevant provisions of the CPR. Depending on the court in which your matter is proceeding, you may also need to be mindful of additional provisions—see further Court specific guidance below.

Preparation of expert report

This Practice Note proceeds on the basis that you have obtained permission to adduce expert evidence and your evidence is not to be prepared or given by a single joint expert. For guidance on seeking permission to adduce expert evidence, see Practice Note: Applying for permission to adduce expert evidence and see for guidance on Single joint experts.

Expert witnesses and those instructing them are expected to have regard to:

  1. all relevant CPR Rules and Practice Directions, in particular CPR 35 and CPR PD 35

  2. the Guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims (the Guidance). Note: on 1 December 2014, the Guidance replaced the ‘Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims’ which had been annexed to CPR PD 35

  3. Practice Direction Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols, para 7

For guidance on the expert's duties, see Practice Note: Duties of an expert.

Model form expert reports

The Guidance directs experts to model expert reports made available by bodies such as:

  1. the Academy of Experts

  2. the Expert Witness Institute

  3. the Ministry of Justice (for a medical report template)

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