EU phase I mergers—closed cases tracker

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EU phase I mergers—closed cases tracker

The table lists completed European Commission phase I merger investigations since 13 June 2013.

For information on ongoing Commission merger investigations, see EU mergers–ongoing cases tracker. For information on completed Commission phase II merger investigations, see EU phase II mergers—closed cases tracker. For information on completed EU merger enforcement actions, see EU mergers enforcement actions—closed cases tracker.

For details of appeals before the General Court, see General Court appeals—ongoing cases tracker; for details of appeals before the Court of Justice, see Court of Justice appeals—ongoing cases tracker.


Parties (Case number)Industry sectorDecision
September 2021
BC Partners/Valtech (M.10386)

Computer consultancy activities

• Cleared—17/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
M.10386—BC Partners/Valtech
• Notification—26/08/2021

Apollo Management/AS Graanul (M.10414)

Electric power generation, transmission and distribution

• Cleared—16/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—23/08/2021

Advent/Eurazeo/Hoist (M.10368)

Computer programming, consultancy and related activities

• Cleared—16/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—24/08/2021

Vodafone Group/Safaricom/Sumitomo/Ethiopia JV (M.10244)


• Cleared—14/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—23/08/2021

Alba/Swire/JV (M.10405)

Wholesale of waste and scrap

• Cleared—13/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—20/08/2021

CD&R/MCC Group (M.10406)

Printing and service activities related to printing

• Cleared—10/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
M.10406—CD&R/MCC Group
• Notification—06/08/2021

Proximus/Besix/SL/i.Leco (M.10287)

Computer programming, consultancy and related activities

• Cleared—07/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—11/08/2021

Platinum Equity Group/Solenis (M.10394)

Manufacture of other chemical products

• Cleared—07/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
M.10394—Platinum Equity Group/Solenis
• Notification—11/08/2021

DFDS/HSF Logistics Group (M.10216)

Freight transport by road

• Cleared—06/09/2021
• Notification—02/08/2021

RAG-Stiftung/Open Grid Europe/H2UB (M.10377)

Other business support service activities n.e.c.

• Cleared—06/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
M.10377—RAG-Stiftung/Open Grid Europe/H2UB
• Notification—12/08/2021

PORR/Doka/JV (M.10336)

Data processing, hosting and related activities

• Cleared—03/09/2021 (simplified procedure)
• Notification—12/08/2021

Brookfield/Modulaire (M.10393)

Specialised construction

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