EU environment tracker 2022—circular economy and sustainable products
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Last updated on 24/05/2022

The following EU Law practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • EU environment tracker 2022—circular economy and sustainable products
  • Full list of EU environment trackers
  • Legislation—new in 2022
  • Legislation—horizon scanning
  • Open consultations
  • Closed consultations

EU environment tracker 2022—circular economy and sustainable products

The EU adopted a Circular Economy Action Plan on 11 March 2020, as part of the European Green Deal. The key aims of the action plan are to:

  1. make sustainable products the norm in the EU

  2. empower consumers

  3. focus on the sectors that use most resources and where the potential for circularity is high (such as electronics and ICT; batteries and vehicles; packaging; plastics; textiles; construction and buildings; food; water and nutrients)

  4. ensure less waste

This tracker tool tracks and summarises key new and upcoming EU legislation linked to the aims of the Circular Economy Action Plan. The tracker is divided into the following sections:

  1. Legislation—new in 2022

  2. Legislation—horizon scanning

  3. Open consultations

  4. Closed consultations

Full list of EU environment trackers

For other environmental developments, see our full set of environmental trackers:

  1. EU environment tracker 2022—chemicals and hazardous substances

  2. EU environment tracker 2022—climate action, energy, and emissions

  3. EU environment tracker 2022—nature and biodiversity

  4. EU environment tracker 2022—plastics

  5. EU environment tracker 2022—sustainability in business and finance

  6. EU environment tracker 2022—sustainable transport

  7. EU environment tracker 2022—waste

  8. EU environment tracker 2022—water

Note that the above trackers cover new and upcoming legislation and consultations. Case law is tracked separately, see: EU environment cases tracker 2022.

Legislation—new in 2022

No major pieces of legislation linked to the circular economy or sustainable products have been enacted in 2022 to date.

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