EU competition law—legislation and policy tracker

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EU competition law—legislation and policy tracker

This tracks and summarises EU competition law legislation, guidance and other policy developments which are currently ongoing. More specifically, this tracker covers (amongst other things) all live European Commission consultations, initiatives and proposals related to guidance, codes of practice and legislation.

For concluded/completed/published European Commission consultations, initiatives, guidance, codes of practice, reports and legislation, see further: EU competition law—completed legislation and policy tracker.

NOTE—this tracker does not include the EU’s legislative/policy response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For a summary of Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments in relation to antitrust investigations, exceptions/exemptions and State aid investigations, see further, Coronavirus (COVID-19)—global behavioural, exemptions and State aid case tracker. For a summary of changes to merger control procedures in highlighted jurisdictions, see further, MJ merger control–competition authorities and coronavirus (COVID-19) status.

NOTE—concluded items are moved from this document into the completed legislation and policy tracker within seven days.


Market definition notice (the Notice)

Evaluation of the Notice in order to assess whether it requires updating

• Commission publishes Staff Working document summarising findings of evaluation—12/07/2021 (see further, press release)
• Support study published—08/06/2021
• Feedback period on consultation (26/06/2020–09/10/2020)
• Public consultation launched—26/06/2020
• Feedback period on roadmap (03/05/2020–15/05/2020)
• Roadmap published—03/05/2020

‘Competition Policy supporting the Green Deal'

A call for contributions on how competition policy can further support

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