EU collection—Life Sciences

The following Life Sciences practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • EU collection—Life Sciences
  • Intellectual property
  • Research and development
  • Regulatory framework for medicinal products
  • Advertising of medicines
  • Medical devices
  • Post-market
  • Disputes and regulatory enforcement
  • Data protection and life sciences
  • Business transactions
  • More...

EU collection—Life Sciences

This page collects together Life Sciences content that addresses matters of EU law.

For information on EU law generally, see: EU structure, EU legislative process, EU judicial system and EU rights and policies which can be found in the EU Law topic within the Public Law practice area.

Intellectual property

  1. Supplementary protection certificates and paediatric extensions

  2. Biotechnology patents

  3. Intellectual property protection for medical devices

  4. Pharmaceutical trade marks and parallel imports

  5. Plant variety rights and other plant-related IP protection

  6. Is supplementary protection certificate protection available for an adjuvant?

Research and development

  1. Clinical trials

  2. The EU Clinical Trials Regulation

  3. EU Clinical Trials Regulation—training materials

Regulatory framework for medicinal products

  1. An introduction to the regulation of medicinal products

  2. Marketing authorisations in the EU—regulatory procedures for approval of medicinal products

  3. Marketing authorisations in the EU—content and form of the application and other practical considerations

  4. EU centralised marketing authorisation procedure—flowchart

  5. Marketing authorisations: EU mutual recognition procedure—flowchart

  6. Marketing authorisations: EU decentralised procedure—flowchart

  7. Biosimilars

  8. Orphan medicinal products

  9. The regulation of advanced therapy medicinal products

  10. Regulatory data protection

  11. Unlicensed medicinal products and off-label use of medicinal products

  12. Introduction to borderline products

  13. Manufacturing of medicinal products for human use

  14. Regulation of e-cigarettes

  15. Does a marketing authorisation

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