Environment EU tracker 2021

The following Environment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Environment EU tracker 2021
  • EU consultations tracker
  • Open consultations
  • Closed consultation
  • EU cases tracker
  • General Court of the European Union
  • Court of Justice of the European Union
  • EU legislation tracker

Environment EU tracker 2021

This Environment EU tracker tool is divided into the following sections:

  1. EU consultations tracker

  2. EU cases tracker

  3. EU legislation tracker

EU consultations tracker

This EU consultations tracker displays the current status and most recent developments of consultations being conducted by European bodies in 2021 which are of interest to environmental lawyers.

The tracker is split into two parts: open consultations and closed consultations.

For information on consultations being conducted by government departments, regulators and other bodies in England Wales, see: Environment consultations tracker 2021.

Open consultations

ConsultationIssuing bodyConsultation periodPSL content
Public consultation on green hydrogenEuropean Commission07 September 2021–26 September 2021
  1. LNB News 08/09/2021 9

Sewage sludge use in farming - updating reporting on the Sewage Sludge Directive consultationEuropean Commission30 August 2021–27 September 2021
  1. LNB News 31/08/2021 37

Monitoring CO2 emissions of heavy-duty vehicles – new requirement to report number of powered axles consultation European Commission08 September 2021–05 October 2021
  1. LNB News 08/09/2021 14

Climate change – restoring sustainable carbon cycles consultationEuropean Commission09 September 2021–07 October 2021
  1. LNB News 09/09/2021 79

Protecting the marine environment – review of EU rules consultationEuropean Commission22 July 2021–21 October 2021
  1. LNB News 23/07/2021 38

End-of-life vehicles – revision of EU rules consultationEuropean Commission20 July 2021–26 October 2021
  1. LNB News 21/07/2021 8

Integrated water management – revised lists of surface and groundwater pollutants consultationEuropean Commission26 July 2021–01 November 2021

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