Enforcement guide—France [Archived]

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  • Enforcement guide—France [Archived]
  • The questions raised in the guide

Enforcement guide—France [Archived]

ARCHIVED: The enforcement guide for France is presented in a Q&A format. The questions are set out below. The guide can be accessed here:

The questions raised in the guide

The guide answers the following questions:

1. Treaties—is your country party to any bilateral or multilateral treaties for the reciprocal recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments? What is the country’s approach to entering into these treaties and what, if any, amendments or reservations has your country made to such treaties?

2. Intra-state variations—is there uniformity in the law on the enforcement of foreign judgments among different jurisdictions within the country?

3. Sources of law—what are the sources of law regarding the enforcement of foreign judgments?

4. Hague Convention requirements—to the extent the enforcing country is a signatory of the Hague Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters, will the court require strict compliance with its provisions before recognising a foreign judgment?

5. Limitation periods—what is the limitation period for enforcement of a foreign judgment? When does it commence to run? In what circumstances would the enforcing court consider the statute of limitations of the foreign jurisdiction?

6. Types of enforceable order—which remedies ordered by a foreign court are enforceable in your jurisdiction?

7. Competent courts—must cases seeking enforcement of foreign judgments be brought in a particular court?

8. Separation of recognition and enforcement—to what extent is

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