Energy precedents
Energy precedents

The following Energy practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Energy precedents
  • Introduction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar and onshore wind projects
  • Fuelled renewable, hydro and other baseload renewable projects
  • Networks and network connections
  • Connections
  • Private wire and district heating
  • Power purchase and routes to market
  • Conventional power, waste to energy, biomass, and CHP projects
  • More...


This document contains quick links to the precedents found in the Energy module. Where indicated with the term ‘EFP’, these links are to content from the Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents (EFP) available to LexisLibrary subscribers. This document categorises precedents using the topics and subtopics used in the Energy module—therefore where precedents are relevant in a number of contexts, links to them are repeated as appropriate. Documents are arranged alphabetically in each subsection below.

Renewable Energy

Solar and onshore wind projects

Checklist for a lease of land for a wind farm site: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2227]

Checklist for the acquisition of interests in land for development of renewable energy resources: options, unconditional contracts and conditional contracts: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2224]

Conditional contract for the grant of a lease of a site for a wind farm: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2284]

Connection agreement for private wires

Covenant not to impede access of the sun's rays to solar photovoltaic (PV) apparatus

Deed of grant of freehold easements for cables etc to be laid in, on or under land of third parties outside a wind farm site: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2481]

Escrow deed providing for security for restoration in a wind farm lease: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2415]

Exclusivity agreement between land developer and landowner: letter form: EFP Vol 14 Energy (Renewables) [2494]

Explanatory memorandum for landowners for a small-scale

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