Energy consultations tracker 2018
Energy consultations tracker 2018

The following Energy practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Energy consultations tracker 2018
  • Closed consultations

This Energy consultation tracker tool displays the current status and most recent developments of key consultations conducted by government departments, regulators and other bodies in relation to energy law and policy in England and Wales between 1 January and 31 December 2018.

For information on consultations updated since 1 January 2019, see: Energy consultations tracker 2019.

For information on consultations updated since 1 January 2020, see: Energy consultations tracker 2020.

For information on previous consultation trackers, see:

  1. Energy consultations tracker 2017

  2. Energy consultations tracker 2016

For our tracker setting out the anticipated future dates of major policy/regulatory announcements in the Great Britain (GB) energy market, see: Great Britain energy market—policy and policy implementation tracker.

Closed consultations

Consultations are displayed in chronological order by reference to the date that they have closed. The consultation that has most recently closed is displayed as the first entry in the table. It also means that, generally speaking, older consultations will appear towards the bottom of the list.

ConsultationTopicsConsultation periodStatusPSL Content
Clean Growth Fund: Request for Proposals
  1. Renewable subsidies

  2. Energy storage

  3. Electric Vehicles

17 October 2018–14 December 2018Responses being analysed
  1. LNB News 17/10/2018 120

Southern North Sea review of consents: draft Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)
  1.  Oil and gas licensing and regulation

1 November 2018–13 December 201825 September 2020
Decision letter published
  1. LNB News 28/09/2020 36

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