Ending a family intervention tenancy
Ending a family intervention tenancy

The following Local Government guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Ending a family intervention tenancy
  • Local authority landlord
  • Review procedure
  • Registered provider of social housing
  • New housing
  • Defences

A family intervention tenancy (FIT) falls within the category of excluded tenancies under the Housing Acts 1985 (HA 1985) and 1988 (HA 1988) as they are terminable on notice without the need for the landlord to prove grounds for termination or possession.

A landlord can gain possession of the property and the tenant can be evicted if they have not complied with the behavioural support conditions throughout the term. The procedure is different depending on whether the landlord is a local authority or a registered provider of social housing.

Local authority landlord

For a local authority to terminate a FIT they must serve a notice of that intention before they can issue the notice to quit. The notice of intention to serve a notice to quit must:

  1. explain that the landlord will serve a notice to quit

  2. contain the reasons for serving a notice to quit

  3. state when the landlord will serve the notice to quit

  4. state that the tenant has the right to request a review within 14 days

The notice must contain advice to the tenant on how to obtain assistance in relation to the notice.

After serving the notice of intention the local authority can serve a notice to quit if the:

  1. tenant has not requested a review

  2. review has been requested but subsequently withdraw