Emergency volunteering leave
Emergency volunteering leave

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Emergency volunteering leave
  • Overview of EVL
  • Compensation for emergency volunteers
  • Entitlement
  • Worker’s notice
  • EV Certificate
  • Period of absence
  • Volunteering period
  • Exceptions to entitlement
  • Microbusinesses with a headcount less than ten
  • More...

This Practice Note explains the proposals set out in the Coronavirus Act 2020 (Act) for emergency volunteering leave (EVL), a temporary new form of statutory unpaid leave for employees and workers who wish to volunteer in the health and social care sectors during the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The relevant provisions of the Act are not yet in force, as the required commencement regulations have not been made. A report by the Department of Health and Social Care dated 29 May 2020 on the status of the Act stated that there were currently no plans to bring the relevant parts of the Act into force, due to a sufficient current supply of staff and volunteers in the health and care system, but the situation would be kept under review.

According to the government’s impact assessment, although local areas could acquire additional volunteers at critical moments to support local relief efforts through informal arrangements between employees and workers and their employers, this approach was rejected, as it relied upon employers implementing their own special leave arrangements and would allow for significant discretion on the part of the employer regarding the length of time these arrangements were in place for and the employment protections they afforded to their employees and workers during this period. This would result in inconsistencies with some volunteers receiving better arrangements, benefits and

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