Electronic filing and communications

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Electronic filing and communications
  • Electronic communications and email filing (Practice Direction 5B)
  • CPR PD 5B—Rolls Building courts
  • CPR PD 5B—Central Office of the Queen's Bench Division
  • CPR PD 5B—Senior Courts Costs Office
  • CPR PD 5B—Business and Property Courts (B&PCs) District Registries
  • CPR PD 5B—County Court Money Claims
  • Which communications and documents can be emailed to the court?
  • How to email the court and file documents electronically under Practice Direction 5B
  • Statement of truth
  • More...

Electronic filing and communications

This Practice Note considers electronic working (e-working), in particular, in relation to electronic communications and electronic filing (e-filing) under CPR PD 5B and electronic service under CPR 6.3, CPR 6.23 and CPR PD 6A, para 4.1 are also considered.

Electronic communications and email filing (Practice Direction 5B)

CPR 5.5(1) provides that a Practice Direction may make provision for documents to be filed or sent to the court by a facsimile or other electronic means. In accordance with CPR 5.5(1), CPR PD 5B was introduced on 7 December 2015 and deals with communication and filing of documents by email.

CPR PD 5B was introduced under the 82nd update to the CPR Practice Directions. For more information, see News Analysis: Changes to PD 5B—communicating and filing documents by email and Practice Note: CPR changes—November and December 2015 [Archived]—Communication and filing of documents by email (PD 5B). A copy of the previous provisions under Practice Direction 5B can be found in the pdf accessible through the speech bubble in the right-hand margin of this text.

The provisions set out in CPR PD 5B allow parties in proceedings governed by the CPR to:

  1. communicate with the court by email, and

  2. file specified documents by way of attaching those documents to an email to the court

CPR PD 5B provides guidance on various definitions used within the Practice Direction:

  1. 'specified document'

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