Electronic disclosure—Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)

The following Dispute Resolution practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Electronic disclosure—Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)
  • What is the Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)?
  • Issues covered in the EDQ
  • Extent of reasonable search
  • Method of search
  • Potential problems with the extent of the search and accessibility
  • Preservation
  • Inspection
  • Other parties’ disclosure

Electronic disclosure—Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)

This Practice Note should be read in conjunction with Practice Note: Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)—frequently asked questions.

Note: This Practice Note does not cover the provisions of the disclosure pilot scheme in the Business and Property Courts. For guidance, see: Disclosure pilot scheme—overview.

What is the Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ)?

The Electronic Documents Questionnaire (EDQ) is designed to be exchanged between the parties in order to provide information in relation to the scope, extent and most suitable format for e-disclosure. Although it is not compulsory to do so, CPR PD 31B, para 15 gives the court the power to order parties to complete and exchange it if they cannot reach agreement. It is appended to CPR PD 31B.

In any event, you may find it useful to use when considering disclosure generally and e-disclosure specifically with your client and/or when you are discussing the use of technology in the management of electronic disclosure and the conduct of proceedings under CPR PD 31B, para 8. Note: since April 2013, CPR PD 31B has applied, in addition to any obligations under CPR 31.5(3)–(8), to the extent documents to be disclosed are electronic (CPR 31.5(9)). For guidance on the court’s approach to case and costs management, including the efficient and proportionate conduct of the litigation and compliance with rules, practice directions and court orders—see Practice Notes: Case

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