Due diligence—overseas ventures—checklist
Due diligence—overseas ventures—checklist

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  • Due diligence—overseas ventures—checklist

  1. Does the company have a due diligence policy which covers all parties to a business relationship, including the company's supply chain, agents, joint venture or similar relationship?

  2. Has this policy been implemented, and is it properly enforced, in all of the markets in which the company does business? See precedent: Anti-bribery and corruption policy (subscription to Lexis®PSL Commercial is necessary).

  3. The company needs to know who it is doing business with in order to conduct an effective risk assessment. The company should use a due diligence information form which the contracting party should complete and sign so that the due diligence information provided can be assessed by the company. Through this basic information the risks associated with the contracting party can be assessed and the company can then identi

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