DPAs in practice
Produced in partnership with Quinton Newcomb of Fulcrum Chambers
DPAs in practice

The following Corporate Crime practice note produced in partnership with Quinton Newcomb of Fulcrum Chambers provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • DPAs in practice
  • DPAs made to date
  • SFO v Standard Bank
  • SFO v Sarclad Ltd—July 2016
  • SFO v Rolls-Royce—January 2017
  • SFO v Tesco Stores Ltd—April 2017
  • SFO v Serco Geografix Ltd (SGL)—July 2019
  • SFO v Güralp Systems Ltd (GSL)—October 2019
  • SFO v Airbus SE
  • SFO v G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Ltd (G4S C&J)
  • More...

Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) have been available since 24 February 2014, when the Crime and Courts Act 2013 (CCA 2013) came into force, see Practice Note: Deferred prosecution agreements.

The decision to offer a DPA rests with the designated prosecutor who can only offer them to bodies corporate, partnerships or unincorporated associations, and not individuals. The purpose of this note is to provide companies and their representatives with some practical advice as to when a DPA may be available, and how they can put themselves, or their clients, in the best possible position when seeking a DPA.

For further information on what the DPAs are and how and when they can be used, see Practice Notes: Deferred prosecution agreements, Terms and content of a DPA and The SFO's approach to Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs).

For further information on when a DPA is permitted to be entered into, see Practice Notes: Deferred prosecution agreements—How is a DPA reached? and DPA Code of Practice

DPAs made to date

For a record of DPAs made to date including News Analyses published on them, see: Deferred Prosecution Agreements entered into to date—checklist, together with Practice Note: Financial penalties as a term of a DPA, which considers the financial obligations imposed under each of the DPAs to date.

The following sections provide further detail on the various DPAs:

SFO v Standard Bank

On 30 November

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