DIFC-LCIA arbitration (2016)—starting an arbitration [Archived]
Produced in partnership with Alec Emmerson of ADR Management Consultancies

The following Arbitration practice note produced in partnership with Alec Emmerson of ADR Management Consultancies provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • DIFC-LCIA arbitration (2016)—starting an arbitration [Archived]
  • Starting an arbitration
  • Filing the Request using the online form
  • Filing the Request—offline

DIFC-LCIA arbitration (2016)—starting an arbitration [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived and is not maintained.

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Many arbitral organisations have responded to the coronavirus pandemic with practical guidance and/or changes to their usual procedures and ways of working. For information on how this content and relevant arbitration proceedings may be impacted, see Practice Note: Arbitral organisations and coronavirus (COVID-19)—practical impact. For additional information, see: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and arbitration—overview.

This Practice Note considers starting an arbitration under the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Rules 2016 (the Rules), which apply to arbitration proceedings commencing on or after 1 October 2016. The 2008 version of the Rules is available on the institution's website.

Starting an arbitration

DIFC-LCIA, art 1 sets out the procedure for starting an arbitration.

Filing the Request using the online form

This article provides at DIFC-LCIA, art 1.3 that the Claimant may use, but is not required to do so, the standard electronic form available online from the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre’s website. This is by far the simplest and most efficient way to file a Request for Arbitration (Request).

On visiting the DIFC-LCIA website, you should click on the box for online filing. If this is the first time you have filed online, you will be requested to register and create a password. Once you have done that, you can log-in and either file the Request by uploading one or more documents which contain everything listed

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