Developing programmes to raise legal awareness

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Developing programmes to raise legal awareness
  • Step 1—identify what legal awareness is required
  • Step 2—gain business buy-in
  • Step 3—run a pilot
  • Step 4—produce collateral
  • Step 5—pre-workshop rehearsal
  • Step 6—delivery
  • Step 7—follow up
  • Step 8—think about next steps

Developing programmes to raise legal awareness

This Practice Note provides practical guidance and tips for in-house lawyers on developing programmes to raise legal awareness within the business.

Helping clients gain legal awareness is one of the greatest contributions in-house lawyers can make. Unfortunately lots of in-house lawyers have good intentions about being pro-active, but find that they never have time. Others have qualms about a little knowledge being dangerous and are fearful that business people will run amok.

It is critical that the organisation recognizes that business people need to be legally aware.

There is a clear distinction between legal awareness (mandatory) and self help (optional). Self help is only viable if the business is prepared to manage how people behave when entrusted with the tools for self help. It can be all too tempting to rely on the legal team as a surveillance service, instead of managing the activities of subordinates properly.

The legal awareness box is not ticked by the odd session which the legal team throws together when it is less busy. It has to be something which is demanded by the business and delivered well. One of the challenges for managers is to build the demand and the delivery capability progressively. Accelerate one over the other and the legal team or the business will be disappointed.

Proper planning is required, and the following steps can be

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