Detailed assessment—appeals
Detailed assessment—appeals

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Detailed assessment—appeals
  • What is the process for appeals in detailed assessment proceedings?
  • Starting a detailed assessment appeal
  • Powers of the court on appeal

Note: this Practice Note only contains guidance on appealing the decision of an authorised court officer in detailed assessment proceedings. It does not cover appealing a detailed assessment decision made by a costs judge or district judge. Appeals for the judges are dealt with in accordance with CPR 52 (Appeals).

What is the process for appeals in detailed assessment proceedings?

The destination of appeals is dealt with in accordance with the Access to Justice Act 1999 (Destination of Appeals) Order 2016, SI 2016/917 (CPR PD 47, para 20.1).

The procedure for appeals from an authorised court officer or a judge are different:

  1. authorised court officer—any party can appeal the decision made in a detailed assessment proceeding (CPR 47.22)

    1. this is dealt with in s VIII of CPR 47.21 to CPR 47.24 and CPR PD 47, paras 20.1–20.6

    2. Note: the CPR provisions pre-April 2013 provided that for the purposes of this section, a LSC funded client or an assisted person is not a party to detailed assessment proceedings. However, this provision has been deleted and so it would appear that they are now to be regarded as a party

    3. the appeal will be heard by a costs judge or a district judge of the High Court (CPR 47.22)

  2. costs judge or district judge—the procedure for appealing against a decision made by judge is not dealt with