Delivering competency framework training
Delivering competency framework training

The following In-House Advisor guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Delivering competency framework training
  • Why is training required?
  • Who needs to attend the training?
  • What does the training need to cover?
  • How does the training need to be delivered?
  • When should the training take place?
  • Feedback on training and support

Competency frameworks are often greeted with a good degree of cynicism, but by supporting the role out with a training programme you enable delegates to ask questions, explore the framework and understand how it affects their role.

This Practice Note guides you through the stages of implementing a training programme to support the roll out of the framework. It covers:

  1. why training is required

  2. who the training needs to be targeted at

  3. what the content of the courses should be

  4. how the training should be delivered

  5. the timing of the training delivery

  6. feedback on training and support

Why is training required?

As mentioned, competency frameworks are often greeted with cynicism as 'just another flash in the pan' or management fad—the main issue is that people often do not see the connection between their role, the framework and the aims of the organisation/department.

A well run training course will enable people to get to grips with the framework in a safe and informal setting. The training will also provide the opportunity for people to voice concerns—when any new initiative is implemented 'venting spleen' is a normal reaction, and courses often provide the ideal opportunity for that. Try not to quash or gloss over any concerns or take them too personally.

Who needs to attend the training?

Assuming the competency framework applies to