Data centre outsourcing
Produced in partnership with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

The following TMT practice note produced in partnership with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Data centre outsourcing
  • Security
  • Security standards
  • Personal data
  • Supplier and third party access to data
  • Data preservation, recovery and deletion
  • Data location
  • Data loss or corruption
  • Technology
  • Service descriptions and service levels
  • More...

Data centre outsourcing

A data centre is a facility that houses computer and communications equipment. This Practice Note covers the following key issues:

  1. Security

  2. Personal data

  3. Technology

  4. Service descriptions and service levels

  5. Business continuity

  6. Encryption

  7. The supplier

  8. Contracting issues

  9. Ongoing management

Data centre services may be provided through various models, which may be summarised at a high level as follows:

  1. co-location service—a co-location service enables the customer to rent space in the data centre and for the supplier to provide the facilities in which the customer operates its own servers. The supplier will also provide ancillary services that are essential to use such space relating to the maintenance of the security of the data centre and the rented space, provision of power and the control of the humidity and temperature throughout the data centre. The amount of space taken may range from use of a shelf on an equipment rack, to a dedicated room or cage, through to an entire building. The space itself may be either pre-configured (which is often the case when racks are taken) or may be configured by the supplier to the customer’s requirements

  2. fully managed service—with a fully managed service, the data centre and the servers are all supplier-owned and controlled. This is invariably a multi-tenanted model with multiple customers using the same data centre and also possibly sharing the same

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