Cybercrime who's who
Cybercrime who's who

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Cybercrime who's who

The rapid growth of the internet has transformed the way we work. Indeed, the UK has one of the most internet-based economies in the world, with the UK internet market valued in the order of billions of pounds a year. With this transformation comes greater vulnerability. The threat of cybercrime to individuals, businesses and national and global security is very real.

Quite a number of organisations and schemes operate to combat that risk. This Practice Note contains a table of information on the most significant of these.


Hundreds of millions of pounds of public money is allocated to strengthen the UK's cyber capacity and combat cyber threats. The following table gives an indication of how some of that money is spent:

Cabinet OfficeWorks with the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to identify and analyse cyber attacks to UK main networks and services, and supports the UK's wider cyber security objectives.
Provides cyber-security advice to businesses.
Built the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership with businesses to allow the government and industry to exchange information on cyber threats.
Supports the growth of the UK cyber security industry.
Makes the UK more resilient to cyber attacks.
Works with other countries to identify and manage cyber risks and develop principles to guide the behaviour of governments and others in cyberspace.
Develops the knowledge and capabilities needed to defend the
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