Court of Justice national references—ongoing cases tracker

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  • Court of Justice national references—ongoing cases tracker

Court of Justice national references—ongoing cases tracker

The table below lists national references to the Court of Justice currently live concerning the interpretation of Articles 101, 102 and 106 TFEU and the EU Merger Regulation (note—State aid cases are covered in the Court of Justice State aid national references—ongoing cases tracker).

NOTE—completed references are moved from this document to the case trackers for closed references within seven days of the final court decision.

For completed Court of Justice national reference cases see Court of Justice national references— closed cases tracker.

CaseReferring court/IssuesLatest developments
Case C- 377/20 Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and Others

Reference from Italian court

Clarification on various issues concerning the application of Article 102 TFEU

See Application

• Hearing held—09/09/2021
• Lodged—29/07/2020

Case C- 117/20 bpost v Autorité belge de la concurrence

Reference from Belgian court

Clarificaiton on the application of the principle non bis in idem when applying fine for breach of competition where the Belgium postal operator had been fined twice for the same conduct by Belgium’s postal regulator and the competition authority

See Application

• Opinion delivered—02/09/2021; AG Bobek AG proposes a unified test for protection against double jeopardy (ne bis in idem) under the Charter of Fundamental Rights
• Hearing held—22/03/2021
• Lodged—03/03/2020

Case C- 151/20 Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde v Nordzucker AG and Others

Reference from Austrian court

Clarification as to whether, amongst other things, the ne bis in idem principle is

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