Costs proportionality—illustrative decisions
Costs proportionality—illustrative decisions

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Costs proportionality—illustrative decisions

This Tracker lists a number of decisions in which the court has considered issues of proportionality since 2012.

For the up to date position on the court’s approach to proportionality, see Practice Note: Costs and proportionality.

Cases from 2020

Case, citation and date of judgmentIssuesCommentNews Analysis/guidance
Belsner v Cam Legal Services Ltd [2020] EWHC 2755 (QB) at paras [6] and [91] Had excessive costs been incurred.The parties collectively spent £87,715.53 on an appeal ie over 225 times that of the £385.50 originally claimed. This was a test case which may go some way to explaining the costs but ultimately the judgment was about whether the client had given informed consent to permit payment to her solicitors of costs in excess of that which she could recover from Insurers for the purposes of solicitor costs recovery under CPR 46.9(2) which requires a written agreement which expressly permits payment to the solicitor of an amount of costs greater than that which the client could have recovered from another party to the proceedings. It was held that this required informed consent and, on the facts, that had not been given.
Daly v Ryan [2020] EWHC 2672 (Ch) at para [68] onwardsThe costs of the application were considered by the judge to be ‘eye-watering’.This was an unsuccessful application by a litigant in

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